Go To Travel

For customers using the Go To Travel Campaign

Ochiairou is a target facility for the Go To Travel Campaign.

All plans listed on this official site are eligible for the GoTo Travel Campaign, but reservations alone do not apply to the GoTo Travel Campaign discount.

After booking, you need to go to the "STAY NAVI" service below and go through the discount procedure for the GoTo Travel Campaign.

Since the coupon will be issued after the discount procedure, the discount will be applied only by presenting the GoTo travel campaign discount coupon (number) issued by STAY NAVI at the time of accommodation.

*Please note that the reservation amount and reservation number must be entered when registering for StayNavi from the link below.

Click here for stay navi

(please note)
■If you do not show the GoTo Travel Campaign discount coupon (number), you will not be eligible for the discount.
■We will confirm your place of residence at the time of your visit.
(As of August 7, discounts are not available if you live in Tokyo.)
■The benefits of the regional common coupon (equivalent to 15% of the travel price) are scheduled to be used from September 1st.
■ "STAY NAVI" can only be used after the reservation date of July 27, 2020.