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Here at Ochiairo, you can enjoy locally produced, 
fresh, in-season foodstuffs. 
Each dish we carefully prepare is simply seasoned 
so that you can savor the goodness of the ingredients.


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Spring is a pleasant season with treats such as
bamboo shoots and sansai (wild plants)

Enjoy the perfect harmony of bitterness and spring aromas
added to your dishes


Treat yourself with our delicious summer cuisines such as 
freshwater trout and summer vegetables


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Autumn is the season to harvest nature's bounty.
Relish the simple goodness of the 
abundant foodstuff such as 
shamo chicken and sansai (wild plants)


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The cold winter is the best season 
to savor the wild game meat
Our wild game cuisines such as 
boar and deer are a must try 


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Start your morning with a delightful breakfast that includes freshly squeezed vegetable juice, seasonal grilled fish and freshly cooked rice.