Efforts to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection

Efforts to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection

I am worried about the spread of new coronavirus infections every day
I think that I feel a lot of stress.
We hope you will be able to heal your daily fatigue with peace of mind during your stay.
We take the following measures.

[In-house efforts]
・All employees wear masks.
・We open windows and ventilate with air conditioning equipment.
・We have installed an antiseptic solution in various places such as the entrance and the restroom to provide an environment that is easy to use.
-The door handles, handrails, elevator buttons, switches in the restroom, etc. are appropriately sterilized and removed with hypochlorous acid sterilized water.

[Efforts for employees]
・All employees carry out temperature measurements when they go to work and thoroughly check their physical condition (whether they have vomiting, diarrhea, or fever).
・A disinfectant is also installed in the employee room, and all employees wash their hands and gargle once a hour.
・Employees are prohibited from making unnecessary business trips or traveling abroad.
-Employees who may be unwell or infected with coronavirus are prohibited from going to work. We will do the same if you have suspicious symptoms in your family.
・It is prohibited to participate in events and meetings where an unspecified large number of people gather, and meetings with food and drink for more than 10 people.
・We are working to prevent infection by introducing staggered work and working from home.

[Request to customers]
・We ask for your cooperation in alcohol disinfection when visiting the museum.
・If you feel unwell, please tell an employee near you. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation for the health and safety of our customers.

Ochiairou Noboru Murakami